So leid es mir tut, das nächste Kapitel von Generationenschiff ist noch nicht ganz fertig. Dafür hab ich aber zur Überbrückung ein kleines Fragment, das sich mir gestern Abend aufgedrängt hat. Auf Englisch. Ich hoffe, das stört euch nicht.

„You know“, the killer said, „I like you. I do. I read up on you, and you seem like a decent guy.“
„Why?“ the young man asked through quivering lips.
The killer shrugged.
„They don’t tell me. Probably someone who wants your money. Probably the next in line of succession. But they don’t tell me a reason. They just tell me a name. This time, it was yours.“
The killer smiled a sad little smile.
„I’m afraid not.“
„I can pay you more! Whatever you want. Please! I don’t want to …“
The killer shook his head.
„I don’t do this for a paycheck. I take pride in my work, you know. I’m not some thug for hire. I’m an assassin. I am the arrow that always flies true. I am the knife in the shadows that always finds its target. I don’t want to surrender that self-image for money.“
„I have children!“ The young man wailed.
The killer smiled and kissed his forehead.
„No,“ he said. „You don’t. And you should not measure your value as a person by those who depend upon you. You are worthy to be loved. You deserve to live, as do we all. But you won’t. I’m sorry. Please close your eyes now.“
„What if I don’t?“
The killer shrugged.
„I guess that is the one choice I cannot take away from you,“ he whispered.


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